Congress has a new dilemma: Whether to attend the grand show to mark the GST rollout

Congress has a new dilemma: Whether to attend the grand show to mark the GST rollout

While the government of the Democratic National Alliance led by the Bharatiya Janata Party is preparing for a big show at the Central Hall of the Parliament midnight June 30 for the deployment of the regime of commercial goods and services, Congress is on the way Discuss their participation in the celebrations.

In front, Congress has no reason to boycott the one-hour program as they support the Narendra Modi government in passing the GST law. In fact, Congress never fails to point out that this important reform was originally drafted and executed by the United Progressive Alliance led by Congress. However, he did not reveal the law to parliament because of the strong resistance he had to Modi, then the Prime Minister of Gujarat, the BJP who had prevailed against it.

Congress cites the problems of small traders as a reason to boycott the event, but the grand old party is mainly irritated by Modi’s attempt to imitate the famous “quote with fate” speech Jawaharlal Nehru who had delivered to the center of the Midnight august hall 14,1947 to declare independence of India to British domination. Congress leaders sought not only the BJP launched a systematic campaign for villain Nehru Modi seeks to project himself as a great visionary and reformer as the country’s first prime minister. Congress is also irritated after accepting the bill’s approval for eight years, Modi praised the implementation of the GST among the major achievements of his government.

“Modi believes he is in the same league as Nehru,” said a high-level congress. “Why else would I have planned this midnight program on the same line as the special session to declare free from India?”

But Congress can hardly cite this as a reason to boycott Modi’s government program. It must necessarily offer a better and more credible explanation to stay away from the special session.

While part of the party suggests that they should identify the issues facing small traders to adapt to the new fiscal regime, others argue that Congress should block the Modi government to give a great show in the After the country is experiencing an agrarian crisis And the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is out of control.

“Why should we allow Modi to take credit for GST approval?” Noted a high level congress. “It was, after all, our idea. It should be noted that it was Modi who had blocked even destroyed the bill.”

Leaders of Congress should have a final view of this Thursday, while the party is also busy with the candidacy of opposition president Meira Kumar. But this will not be an easy decision. Congress can hardly forget how it failed in its campaign against the Modi government in demonetization. The party is also concerned that the boycott may be misinterpreted as an insult to President Pranab Mukherjee, who is a special guest on a midnight screening.

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