Browse Day: September 8, 2017

Rose Valley chit fund scam: Tripura minister to be questioned by CBI

Rose Valley chit fund scam: Tripura minister to be questioned by CBI

A team from the Central Bureau of Investigation arrived Wednesday in the capital of Tripura Agartala to question a state government minister under the Rose Valley group chit scam fund. Bijita Nath, Minister of Social Welfare and Science, Technology and Environment, will be interviewed on Thursday announced the Central Research Agency in a notification sent to it.

The company Kolkata Rose Valley Hotels and Entertainment Limited was accused of running a Ponzi scam and tricking investors over 17 billion rupees in the eastern states of Assam, West Bengal, and Tripura Bihar in one of the largest chit fund scams in India. The case has seen many high profile arrests, including that of two West Bengal MPs – Tapas Pal and Sudip Bandyopadhyay the party in state power, Trinamool Congress.

While Tripura will launch early next year, analysts said that the IWC’s interrogation of a key minister of the left front Tripura government could have profound repercussions.

Political analyst Tapas Dey Agartala said that, given its momentum, the movement appeared to intend to send a signal. He added: “The left is certainly worried, but how much is going to hurt them, can only be said that after tomorrow.”

Bijan Dhar, General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), however, downplayed development. “We are very open to any kind of review,” he said. “The CBI can interrogate anyone who wants to. There is nothing to hide.” He said that the Tripura government had deliberately sent 37 cases concerning the swindle to the IWC. “However, they took only five cases,” he said. “The rest is being investigated by a special investigative team under the direction of the Supreme Court Agartala.”

Dhar said that if the government cooperates with the CBI’s investigations, it suspected “a central government involvement in peace and tranquility in Tripura.”

The Bharatiya Janata Party in Tripura passed from a nullity to the leader of the opposition party in the last four years, in the left front had a majority since 1993. In the last month, polls close were violent clashes between left cadres And BJP workers in the state. The BJP, which has repeatedly accused leftist cadres to attack their leaders, even called on the Center to impose the draconian law of special powers of the armed forces in Tripura in response to recent clashes.

Meanwhile, the BJP has rejected the CBI’s allegations used by the Center to intimidate the Left Front government before the elections. “The Left Front dropped the scam,” said party spokesman Mrinal Kanti Deb. “Minister Manik Sarkar opened an amusement park developed by the company, where he even praised the company.When the fraud was revealed, he said on the floor of the house he even knew how Valley of the Roses was a chit fund company. is this possible? ”

Deb said the BJP just wanted justice for people who had been cheated by Rose Valley Hotel and Environment Limited. “If and when we form Tripura’s government, we will develop a mechanism to compensate 14 lakh people deceived by the company,” he said. Deb said he was convinced the IWC would question faster leaders of the Left Front government. “This is just the beginning,” Deb said. “Many more names will appear very soon. No one will be saved.”