Mumbai: Six prison officials booked for allegedly killing convict in Byculla jail

Mumbai: Six prison officials booked for allegedly killing convict in Byculla jail

The detainees had protested after the death of Manjula Shetya because she was assaulted and beaten by sexual jailers.

Mumbai: Six Prison Officials Charged with Murder Sentenced to Prison in Byculla

Five officers and a jailor at Byculla Prison, Mumbai, were set aside to assault and kill a detained Manjula Shetye sexually, the Hindustan Times reported Tuesday.

Shetye died on June 23 provoked a protest, and former media tycoon Indrani Mukerjea (pictured), who was jailed for killing his daughter Sheena Bora, was one of 200 women detained for committing a mutiny in the jail.

A witness has submitted a first briefing paper on the death of Shetye Nagpada police station. He said the six prison officials were brutally beaten and raped the 38-year-old prisoner to complain about two eggs and five slices of bread that lacked the morning ration.

The witness told police Shetye was first called in the private room of Manisha Pokharkar’s agent, Hindustan Times reported.

She was attacked there and returned to the barracks. Later, the female police officers Bindu Naikade, Waseema Shaikh, Shital Shegaonkar, Surekha Gulve and Aarti Shingne did strip and raped with a stick, or lathi.

Initially, no official was only arrived with Shetye said the FIR. Shetye was taken to the resident doctor after being unconscious in the bathroom. He died at the JJ Hospital.

The autopsy report said Shetye was about 11 to 13 blue, while Dean TP Lahane had told Hindustan Times that his lungs were damaged.

Meanwhile, police are likely to question Indrani Mukerjea about his role in the alleged prison riot.

Mukerjea said how Shetye was killed and alleged that prison officials had threatened sexual assault, NDTV reported. She will appear before a special CBI court on Wednesday.

His lawyer Gunjan Mangala also alleged that prison officials had assaulted Mukerjea. “The brown marks can be seen on Indrani Mukerjea’s body all over after being hit by prison officials,” Mangala told Tuesday in court, according to The Times of India.

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