Al Qaeda vows to target Indian Army officers who have the ‘blood of Kashmiris on their hands’

Al Qaeda vows to target Indian Army officers who have the ‘blood of Kashmiris on their hands’

In a 20-page document, the celebration of terror has accused India of “destroying the houses of Muslims, to weaken them in social status and to force them to convert to Hinduism.”

Al Qaeda vowed to target Indian army officers that the “Cashmere of blood in their hands”

Al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent has said that it would target members of the Indian Army that “the blood of our Kashmiri brothers in their hands.”

The team has published a 20-page document entitled “Code of Conduct for Mujahideen in the Subcontinent,” listing their goals and objectives in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

“All military personnel are our target, whether in war zones or in barracks to their bases,” the document said.

“Even the holiday staff is not exempt due to their fight against the application of sharia and defending the system of infidelity.”

Accusing India of oppressing Muslims in Kashmir and across the country, AQIS – a branch of the global al Qaeda militant group established in 2014 – said the Indian state “also destroyed their [Muslim] homes, weakens the condition Social and forced to convert to Hinduism in “also said that India is a ‘strong ally’ of the United States, Russia and Israel ‘against jihadist and Islamic awakening throughout the region.”

AQIS has also accused India of “usurping” Muslim water from Bangladesh, destroying its agriculture and controlling the country’s trade and industry. “History shows that India always wants to live the Muslims of Bengal as slaves,” the document said.

In the 20-page document, the branch of Al Qaeda has listed the separatist Hindu organizations, the Indian army, the “blasphemers” and officials “genocide of the Muslims”, since the partition as the target. In Myanmar, it has classified the country’s army and armed Buddhist groups as a target ….

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