Browse Day: April 27, 2017


Destination Places/Package Per Person Cost* (Rs)
Thailand Pattaya, Bankok 4 N/5D—Flight, stay, sightseeing 30,100
Dubai Dubai 4N/5D—Visa, flight, stay, sighseeing 35,175
Mauritius North/South/lle Aux Cerf Islands 6N/7D — Flight, stay, sightseeing 51,150
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya 4N/5D — Flight, stay, sightseeing 30,445
Singapore Singapore 4N/5D — Flight, stay, sightseeing 42,750
Turkey Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Kusadasi, Istanbul 6N/7D— Flight, stay, sightseeing 100,000
Switzerland Lucerne,Titlis, Interlaken, Bern, Geneva 6N/7D — Flight, stay, sightseeing 152,650
Europe UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy.Spain 14N/15D — Flight £food 240,650
Paris Paris 5N/6D—Stay £ sightseeing 44,530
US LA, LV, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal 12N/13D—Flight, stay, sightseeing 3,20,500
Australia Gold Coast, Cairns,Sydney 7N/8D — Flight,stay,sight­seeing, insurance 1,18,000+AUD


New Zealand Auckland, Rotorua, Queenstown £ Christchurch 9N/10D — Flight, visa, stay £ sightseeing 1,21,158+NZD 2,175
Amazon to Andes Lima, Inca trail, Cusco, Amazon Jungle, Ollyataytambo 11N/12D — Flight, stay £ sightseeing 1,34,117
South Africa CapeTown, Jo’burg, Gondwana, Knysna, Oudtshoorn 8N/9D—Stay, local transportation, sightseeing 58,000
Antarctica Ushuaia, Drake Passage, Shetland Islands 10N/11D — Flight, visa, stay, select means, parka £ boots 6,75,000

* INDICATIVE BASE PRICE. PRICE/PACK AGE MAY VARY                                                                            SOURCE: TRAVEL AGENTS

bridge shortfalls in your travel budget.

Travel Loans

There are several banks that offer travel loans at competitive rates — often in the range of 11-14 per cent per annum. Take for instance, the travel loan (titled ‘Bon Voyage’) by


KarurVysyaBank: the bank offers up to Rs 5 lakh for overseas travel, repay­able in 36 months.

Bank of India’s Star Holiday loan scheme al­lows loans between Rs 10,000 and Rs 2 lakh without any collateral and up to Rs 5 lakh against collateral security. Federal


Bank also has a scheme that pays up to Rs 5 lakh. The loan amount can be used to buy tickets and meet other expenses.

“Most banks only pay up to 80 per cent of the total cost. The remaining 20 per cent has to be paid by the customer as down payment. Rates are nego­
tiable in the case of travel loans; if you are a good customer, you may get travel loans at cheaper rates,” says Siripuram.

Savings Account

Tour operators such as Thomas Cook, Cox &

Kings and Kuoni have tied up with banks to offer ‘travel savings accounts’ to customers. With these op­tions, customers can save enough money before they get on the plane to their fa­vourite destination.

The basic idea here is to prompt people to invest a fixed sum of money every month in recurring de­posit (RD) accounts. The tenure of such accounts could be around a year.

“Indians like to save for their holidays. Our ‘holi­day investment plan’ helps customers to save for their future holiday,” says Vishal Suri, chief execu­tive, Tour Operating, Ku­oni India.

“At the beginning of the year, we tell our custom­ers how much (approxi­mately) will they need to travel to a destination of their choice. We break the cost into monthly install­ments and advise them to invest in RD accounts. At the end of tenure (after a year), the customer would have enough to meet his travel cost.